The Uptime as a Service Company

Senseye™, derived from ‘Sensei’ (先生), signifies guidance and authority, something that inspires our company and products. We’re leading the Industrial Internet of Things revolution by delivering a groundbreaking way to predict machine failure, enabling manufacturers to benefit from their existing data and new connected devices to automate asset health management and predictive maintenance.

sensei |’sen,sā, sen’sā| noun (pl.same) (in martial arts) a teacher.
ORIGIN Japanese, from sen ‘previous’ + sei ‘birth.’

The Internet of Things is producing a wave of sensor data that is growing exponentially each year, without the correct tools, all of this will be meaningless noise.

We’re against noise.

We believe in doing things differently. Whilst machines are becoming increasingly complex, we’re producing software to make their management simpler, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters.

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Management & Board

Senseye is headed up by an awesome team who previously worked on complex and expensive condition monitoring and prognostics systems before deciding that there is a better way of doing things.  We help industrial companies to reduce downtime, improve OEE and benefit from predictive maintenance without the need for deep pockets, large IT departments or a mob of data scientists.

Dr Simon Kampa


Simon has a background in Computer Science and holds a PhD in the Semantic Web. His career started in designing and developing large scale data-driven applications, before turning to running successful software companies.

Robert Russell


Rob has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has spent over 20 years designing and deploying complex condition monitoring and prognostics solutions across the aerospace, defence and transport sectors.

Alexander Hill


Alex has a degree in Digital Systems Engineering and, after working on leading large-scale sensor systems, moved into a successful career in business development, marketing and strategic planning.

Dr Daniel Reid

Chief Scientist

Dan has a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Machine Learning and has applied these to complex commercial analytics solutions.

Gabriele Dini


Representing Breed Reply Investments

Ed Stacey


Representing IQ Capital

Steve McEvoy

Technical Advisor

Steve has held a number of executive engineering positions, including VP Engineering at GE Aviation Systems where he led prognostics. He now runs Prism Nova, providing consultancy and support to condition monitoring projects.

Dr David Parker

Strategic Advisor

David has achievements in strategy development to deliver start-up, growth and value realisation with early stage, late stage, floated and VC/PE backed businesses as well as in large, multinational corporates.